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At present, the Association is engaged in the following activities:

Members will receive the publications listed above; they may submit research papers and articles for publication and/or present them at the Association’s general or regular meetings.

Due to the nature of membership, corporate and supporting members do not have the rights to either vote or contest elections for board members.

Student members may be undergraduate, graduate, or research students. Seniors aged 65 years and above may apply to become senior members, or change their status from regular to senior membership.

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The Association of Historical Geographers in Japan (A.H.G.J.) was formally launched as an academic society at the 1st General Academic Conference held at Nihon University on April 29, 1958. Initially called the “Japan Historical Geography Research Group,” it was subsequently renamed as the “Association of Historical Geographers in Japan.”

In its early days, the Association published the “Historical Geography Bulletin” and “Member Communications.” In 1966, bylaw amendments led to the abovementioned name change, as well as a revamp of the management structure. In spring 1974, the publication titled “Member Communications” was renamed as the “Association of Historical Geographers in Japan Bulletin ,” which was subsequently abbreviated as “Historical Geography” in spring 1980.

Originally, this publication contained announcements and reports regarding general meetings, regular meetings, and conferences. In spring 1975, however, its scope was expanded to include dissertations and research reports of common interest to the members, thus transforming it into a full-fledged academic journal. Consequently, the previous “Historical Geography Bulletin,” which mainly compiled academic papers presented at conferences and symposiums, was consolidated into the Association’s journal “Historical Geography.”

Established in 1991, “Historical Geography” annually published five issues, with the first issue dedicated to conference themes and common issues or symposiums as a special issue. However, in 2017, the publication frequency was changed to four times, and remains the same today. Since January 1994, each issue bears the publication number, as well as the current total number of issues published.


The Association of Historical Geographers in Japan publish following books.

 Historical geography bulletin
 Historical geography meeting bulletin
 Historical geography

A thesis of carrying of proceedings "Historical geography" is being PDF-ized and exhibited around 5 years. If you do not have five years please ask for the back number at the secretariat.